Friday, November 7, 2008

Holy crap. This is amazing.

Y'know, I read a lot of people swooning over, and so I checked it out. I figure, okay, Obama has a new website. That's nice.

The hype was right. I think copperstewart said it best. "I'm impressed. It's a bold naming of our problems in ways politicians often won't, and without many euphemisms. Take a gander at the "Civil Rights" section." He also added, "My federal worker partner is also quite impressed and a little stunned, as I am, to see that the rhetoric isn't being tempered or swept under the rug, but actually elaborated and addressing our REAL problems. He's actually making himself MORE accountable. I can't believe it."

Go look. Really, go look.


Anonymous said...

love it. a new take on democracy and transparency that has long been needed and is finally making use of the technologies we have today.


is also a bit of a propeganda piece. i agree with everything said on it, and am ecstatic that obama won, but had the bush 'regime' put something like this out (i know it would have contained nothing like the kinds of bold proposals this does) it would have been screamed down by liberals as propaganda

and in the future, if this sets a precedent, i can see it being used as a propaganda mouthpiece...

anyway for the meantime very exciting

Cobalt said...

1: I'm really glad you found my journal and found the time to share your thoughts with me, but who are you? Can you sign your name or something when you comment so that I don't feel like I'm talking to all of 4chan?

2: I think that if the Bush administration had put out a site like this with no bold proposals no one would have even noticed it, and if they had put out a site like this with the bold proposals they wanted then they would've gotten screamed down because those proposals would be insane things like, "We will go to war with Iran for no reason. Also Russia if we can manage it. And maybe Korea."

So I think it's a good thing for administrations to put together sites that amount to My Political Agenda. I think those things should be clearly articulated, and that doing so is not propaganda. Even though this site is being used to make the case for the government's actions (which I suppose is sort of like propaganda), the alternative for the past eight years has been for the government not to explain itself at all.

Rob said...

sorry, i havent posted on blogger before and was struggling with the options.

your right, it is great, i thought a bit more about this last night and think that it really represents a massive re-drawing of the political landscape that was massively needed.. you also articulated your ideas on a bush site much better than i did, my ability to articulate myself is severely diminished due to spending the last week cramming organic chem.

so fingers crossed that obama is able to enact as much as this as possible - i think if he can cross off even half of it he will be, in real terms, forgetting the history of his ascendency to the presidency, one of the greatest world leaders (I say that because I am australian and am finally excited about american leadership after 8 years cursing it) ever