Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yes we did.

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Suzanne said...

Yes Indeed!!!!!

I was voter #406 at my location, I believe.

And I'm so astonished to actually be living in a blue state I might faint. :)

My daughter, last night: "I can't believe I have tears in my eyes. I've never CARED about being an American before."

My conservative friends (yeah, I have some) tell me, "We'll see how happy you are when tax time comes around." (I'm flattered that they think I make that much money, I think. :P ) And I think, how can you be so -small- as to vote based on "will MY taxes go up?"

However, that's apparently not the voice of the majority of the country for once.

My daughter was also quoting Rent: "For being an 'us' for once... instead of a 'them'!"

That's how I feel today...

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