Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Supporting Vets and Vets' Support

Instead of reassuring veterans at a veterans' event that he cared about them, McCain used it as an opportunity to bash Obama the whole time without actually saying anything meaningful to the audience he had. They didn't swallow it.

Another good article?

McCain Can't be Sure Veterans Will Fall in Behind Him

Many vets here said they do not consider the Iraq war or McCain's military service to be key campaign issues. Their chief concerns are the ailing economy and high gas prices.

"I work three jobs to make ends meet," said Jeff Graves, 45, an Army veteran from Falmouth, Ky. "I need to know who's going to help with that."

As much as I hate to say it?


To balance out the people who will vote for McCain just because he was in the military, there're people in the military who know he doesn't have any motivation to take care of them in any meaningful way. McCain and his campaign are counting on Americans to be stupid, to "support our troops" in name without checking to see if the military candidate is going to do any good for military families.

Still don't believe that McCain is a poor choice for people who actually want to support our troops? Fine.

--The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave McCain a D and Obama a B+.
--The Disabled Veterans of America indicate that McCain voted against their interests 80% of the time, whereas Obama was with them 80% of the time.
--McCain voted against the preferences of the Vietnam Veterans of America more than he voted with them. "The Vietnam Veterans of America compiled a list of key votes, and found McCain voted against the group’s position 15 times and with the group eight times. (Obama, in contrast, voted with the VVA 12 times, and against it only once.)"

So why don't veterans organizations seem excited about this guy? Isn't he supposed to be a war hero and champion of America's patriotic duty to its troops? Or has he gotten so caught up in getting his heiress wife to take care of him that he's forgotten there are vets out there without a sugar momma?

Seriously. As a child of a military family, I can't imagine anything worse for military families than another four years of the policies McCain's been pushing. Aside from his time as a POW, this man has never wanted for anything in his life. What the hell does he know about the America that military families have been living in?

If his voting record and the analysis given it by veterans organizations is any indication, he doesn't know jack shit.

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