Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Most bullied and maligned group in America."

Those Poor Ex-Gays.

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) is suing the Washington DC Office of Human Rights for failing to protect former homosexuals under its sexual orientation anti-discrimination law. "The ex-gay community is the most bullied and maligned group in America, yet they are not protected by sexual orientation non-discrimination laws," said Regina Griggs, PFOX executive director.

The DC Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on "sexual preference," "sexual orientation," "gender identity," and "gender expression." The Office of Human Rights maintains that homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, and cross-dressers qualify for protection under this Act, but ex-gays do not. PFOX's lawsuit asks the DC Superior Court to direct the Office to include former homosexuals under the sexual orientation law. "Shouldn't ex-gays enjoy the same legal protections that gays enjoy?" asked Griggs. (...)

"Former homosexuals should have the right to be out, open and safe in society," Griggs continued. "On his website, Senator Obama says he supports gay and transgender rights because he supports civil rights for all persons, but does that include ex-gays?"

Ed Brayton had this comment:

Ah yes, who doesn't know about the vast numbers of ex-gays who've been beaten up outside of ex-gay bars? Or all the legislatures passing laws to prevent ex-gays from having the legal protections of marriage? Not a day goes by when we don't read about some ex-gay person being assaulted by some ignorant thug calling them "former faggot" while kicking them in the face.

What in the hell. I don't even know what to add to this. It should be ridiculous on its own, because surely! Surely, this is a parody. Surely they can't be serious.

But who can tell anymore?


Untwisted Truth said...

Ed Brayton:

Thanks. Your ridicule of ex-gay bullying--almost exclusively perpetrated by gays--just proves the point. An absolutely typical gay response.

Cobalt said...

You realize I'm not Ed Brayton, right?