Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My favorite thing about this election?

See, I study the internet. It's what I do. It's important to me that I be able to look at a site and get some idea of what its priorities are, what I'm supposed to see first and walk away with. Basic web design, right?

Well, have fun with this one! Look at Barack Obama's site, and you'll see lots of maps and graphs and figures of what the numbers are in this election. It's almost like he wants you to know how people are voting! But that's a given, right? I mean, all candidates want you to see the results.

You think that, until you look at Hillary Clinton's site. The first thing you see is a splash screen begging for money. You have to skip past it to get to the actual site, and even then the numbers are nowhere to be found.

So you've got one candidate who wants you to know how he's doing, and you've got one who wants you to hand over money without giving you a clue of the candidate's chances. This is not fucking sorcery, guys. Senator Clinton is counting on the votes of people who haven't done their homework, and she's being very careful to make sure she doesn't give voters more information than she thinks they should have.

That says a lot.


Dana Hunter said...

I'm sorry... I can't help it... bad joke rising...

That's not "fucking sorcery," it's *drumroll* Wizardry!

And hopefully, her sleight-of-hand will now be coming to an end. Woot!

Cobalt said...


Damn it.