Monday, December 24, 2007

Global Warming Hoax?

So.... there's this idea circulating around that liberals are trying to push this global warming hoax on the world. To do... something.

Being a firm believer that nobody does anything if they don't believe there's some benefit in it for them or at least a group to which they belong... I have to ask a question.

What the hell do liberals gain by tricking the world into not wasting dirty, nonrenewable fuel sources? I mean... we could always fall back on the "they want to destroy America" argument, but that doesn't work for me since I don't believe there are people around who hunger to destroy without wanting to build something they feel is better.

So what do liberals gain by pushing to protect the environment? If all they're really doing is wasting money... so what? I feel like that's not a grand enough goal for an alleged hoax at this scale.

I just don't get it.


Anonymous said...

I think the goal of liberals is assumed to be the same as what the "other side" seeks in their social machinations: moral superiority, possibly followed by control over the actions of others. What else could pro-lifers and homophobes gain?

This ties in with my incipient theory that national disgrace and honor drive far more international events than is they are ever credited with. (Couldn't figure out how to avoid that sentence-ending-preposition this morning!)

Great blog!

Cobalt said...

Yeah, I think you're right on that. It never seems to occur to either side that their opponents might ALSO be trying to do what's right. Heck, even the crazies trying to end the world still think they're doing this for humanity's own good. They're still crazy, but ignoring their intentions is a big and important thing to deliberately leave out of your calculations, y'know? Blah.

Thanks for the comment, and the compliment. Hope to see you around!