Monday, December 24, 2007

Column A or Column B?

Teacher's global warming warning is YouTube hit

I won't beat the dead horse that is an obvious comparison to Pascal's Wager.

Watching the video, he seems relatively fair. I mean, for one thing he's not dealing with proofs anymore. At least not on the surface. For another, it does assume that climate changes are capable of causing all the things we think they're capable of causing. There's less uncertainty as to the remifications of wasting huge amounts of money.

Still. Even so. The cost-benefit analysis is pretty damned solid. The only proof that'd shoot this down is some proof that global warming (were it to occur) could not cause all the terrible consequences he claims.

That's the only evidence that'll get me disproving this gentleman. It's hard to find reputable proof in that direction since the only people I've ever seen trying to disprove global warming tend to affiliate themselves with groups who are also trying to influence foreign policy in order to hasten the coming of Armageddon.

Can anyone find me that evidence? I'm interested in seeing it but I'm really tired of digging through all the rubbish arguments from corner-cutting megacorps and premillenialist crazies.

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