Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Apropos of nothing, but...

...I am now legally married.

How awesome is that?

(Now for the rest of my LGBT family who aren't allowed to. Need to get you in on this shit, because this fun should be shared. Your inevitable marriages will lift something of a shadow from everybody else's, so we've got some politicians to harass until they explode. Let's do this shit.)


James F. McGrath said...


(Rights for others to do the same look like they will follow, although it seems clear that Indiana will not be on the cutting edge of the process).

Crystal said...

I find myself so conflicted on this... not on YOUR marriage of course ('cause AWESOME, congratulations!!!). On the one hand, I'm all "Solidarity! We're not getting married 'till you can!" and, in fact, that's the stance that C and I have taken. On the other hand, I hear tell that there are gay couples that think that's absolutely silly because we're refusing to do the very thing that they would do in a heartbeat if they could.

But, the gay couples we are actually friends with I think consider it a solidarity kind of thing and are encouraged by it, so I figure it was the right decision. However, if Chris gets a really nice job with really nice benefits, we may have to reconsider.

Cobalt said...

I know gay people who were made to feel really good by the fact that Brian and I hadn't gotten married because they couldn't.

On the other hand, it was also pointed out to me about a year ago that not everybody can do it, that choosing not to partake of the economic benefits of marriage (hello health insurance) is itself something not everybody has the privilege to do. I had that privilege then, but I'm not sure I do now.