Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Take Back Our Country"

So there's this enormous rally outside the statehouse. Angry conservatives who don't know what they want (as evidenced by the "keep the change" sign right next to a "change is coming in 2010" sign), and who seem to have made the terrible mistake of taking Ayn Rand seriously.

The best sign was "Take Back Our Country." From whom? THE VOTERS? Because YOU LOST?

The symbol for the whole protest--in my mind--was a man in a chicken costume. Nobody knows why he's there, what he's up to, or what he wants. Just that he's angry at Democrats.

Seriously. There was no unified message. No organization. Most of the things they were protesting weren't even in the state's jurisdiction. lern2government, dumbasses.

We all laughed (and I don't mean just Democrats). They brought their Galt signs! And people in chicken suits. Come the fuck on, people. What can we do but laugh?

I guess it's better that they get this out of their system here, where they're a rabble of ineffectual kooks who don't know where to direct their anger. Let them mill about yelling at their state legislature to get rid of Obama. Let them rage about taxes that most of them are paying less of now than they were before.

You guys get this out of your system now. The Reps are all in recess anyway. There's no one to hear you scream (except for those inside who are laughing at you, and those outside who will get fired for lobbying).

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