Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blog Rundown!

Stuff I've been reading.

United States "lapsing Into Paganism." I, for one, welcome our new Pagan pervert overlords.

Public opinion on US war prisoner policies: it's not what you think. Should we keep Guantanamo open? Is torture okay? Are we doing it? Should we investigate our leaders for war crimes if we decide that we're doing it?

Russia drops their missile plans because Americans aren't being idiots anymore.

US President adopted into Crow tribe. An older article, but one I just found. Very cool!

Dear White People. An essay that had me pondering for a good few hours.

Being "colour blind" is NOT a solution. Another very good one.


Crystal said...

on "Dear White People":

I don't understand titling your post "Dear white people" and then saying that white people shouldn't take offense because it's not about them. When you use a general term, unless you define it for your readers as more specific, it's going to be taken generally. Communicate effectively or don't get bitchy when people misunderstand you.

And you don't get a free pass to openly offend whomever you want because someone offended you at some point.

Cobalt said...

I think it was "Dear White People" in the sense that white people should read it and note it, not necessarily that white people as a group are being implicated in some way.