Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama is Nicolae Carpathia!

Okay. This has to stop.

Eight of the last twenty referrals to my blog were from people looking up variations on "Obama is Nicolae Carpathia."

So, since I know there are going to be more of you, I will give you an intelligent and helpful link first. If you are interested in the opinion of a real life New Testament Scholar on this subject, please see this entry by Professor James McGrath. If you really want a Biblical angle on this, please see that entry. Prof. McGrath speaks with greater expertise than I do, and I don't have anything intelligent to add.

So I'm going to add something ridiculous instead. Discussion around the dinner table of my blog referrals resulted in the following (and I extend my apologies to those of you who aren't Ghostbusters fans... if you exist):

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Dana Hunter said...

These people need serious help. Especially since they're rather getting the definition of "antichrist" wrong, there, aren't they?

Heh. According to I John, I'm an antichrist, too. Hooray!

Awesome picture, btw. ;-)