Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey Howard Dean!

Just sent a message that is ostensibly to Howard Dean. Here's what I told him (or whichever aide ends up reading my message).

We have a candidate who is ahead in delegates, ahead in state contests won, and ahead in the popular vote. Sen. Clinton does have every right to stay in the race, but she does not have the right to claim that it's for the good of the Democratic party. Take a look at Sen. Clinton's website. She's doing so poorly that she doesn't even list any of her election standings on her front page. Or anywhere that I could find. Campaigns can be forgiven for hiding a lot of things, but hiding the reality of her standings from her own promoters?

McCain cannot be beaten on toughness or experience by anyone in this campaign, because nothing they can say will compete with a "When I was in Vietnam..." story. End of line. He can be beaten on the wisdom of his policies, on his disdain for huge sweeping demographics in this country. The only person running who can defeat him on that territory is Senator Obama, and the votes are showing it. When will the Democratic party figure that out?

Share your thoughts, too.

As far as I'm concerned, this is all there is to it. Clinton, as of tonight, is listing her Pennsylvania win as a turn in the tide. She's depending on this one state to stay in a race that she cannot win. Huckabee didn't even take this long to learn his lesson.

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