Thursday, February 7, 2008

Search your feelings... you know it to be true...

You are shitting me.

Have I given my country too much credit again? Have I assumed wrongly that people are not as horrendously dense as we all fear?

I'm speaking of the "people who don't like Obama are racists" argument. I hate this argument, because I can dislike Clinton without being a misogynist. But... But...

There's a kernel of truth here, and it just... hurts my head.

Another article from Orcinus

"The brutal truth: Obama is a 'wigger'. He's a remarkably exotic variety of the faux African-American, but a wigger nonetheless."
-- Steve Sailer, American Conservative

At the core of the Democratic front-runner's faith — whether lapsed Muslim, new Christian or some mixture of the two — is African nativism, which raises political issues of its own. ... Would Obama put African tribal or family interests ahead of U.S. interests?
-- Investor's Business Daily editorial


WTFery abounds. I'm done.

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